India Air Staff Assulted by Member of the House of Representatives of India

A federal congressman in India is not buying passenger seats into business class, assaulting airline employees and buying public consent.

According to NDTV, India, Ravindra Gaiqwad (57), a member of the local party Sivasena, who is affiliated with the ruling National People’s Congress (BJP) in western Maharashtra state, took the Air India passenger plane from Pune, I arrived at Indira Gandhi airport.

However, he protested without coming down for an hour after arriving, saying he had been in the economy seat even though he had a free ticket for business seats.

The airline said it had contacted the office of the chief of staff in advance that the passenger plane was made up only of Economy seats and that there was no business class.

As soon as R. Sukhumer (60) arrived at the airliner to explain the Air India Airport customer service team member, Gaikward repeatedly assaulted Sukumar with his sandals.

“I have been insulted and have nothing to apologize,” said Gaikwad, who later admitted that he had “hit the staff 25 times” when asked about the case.

When the case is announced, the netizens are posting a series of articles condemning his rudeness to social media such as Twitter.

The major daily newspapers in India, including Times of India, reported headline article 1 of the absurd behavior of Gaikwad.

Air India said it is reviewing plans to blacklist Guy Ward and prevent him from boarding his passenger plane in the future.

Sukumar was reportedly reported to the police on the allegations of assaulting the Gaikwad lawmaker.